Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pajama Drive for Special Needs Orphans

Beginning Monday, June 1st Miracles for Orphans is collecting new and gently worn pajamas for Torez Special Needs Orphanage in Torez City, Ukraine. We are very excited to announce that the The Knights of Columbus Council of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church has adopted this project and will be partnering with us on promoting the event, collecting of donations and shipping. The drive will continue through July 31st so there is plenty of time to get the word out to your co-workers, family and friends.

* Pajamas should be new or very gently worn (please no stains or tears).
* Both summer and winter weight fabrics
* Styles for boys and girls may include sleepers, two piece sets, nightgowns
* Size range 24 months through 16 years

Although the youngest child at this orphanage is 4-years old, many of the children are very small for their age so we are requesting sizes starting at 24 months to accomodate these little ones.

Please send your pajama donation to: Miracles for Orphans

c/o T. Wollschlager

2332 Targa Lane SW

Marietta, GA 30064

Please consider including a donation with your pajama gift to help cover the cost of shipping.
Make checks payable to Knights of Columbus Council 4599

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diapers at deep discounts

I would like to pass on a proven method to get a deep discount on diapers and even possibly free. Last month while shopping at one of the grocery stores I frequent, there was a package of diapers in the clearance cart that had been torn open. At first glance, the package appeared to be filled to capacity or at most, short a single diaper. It was a top brand name and happened to be the size my son wears. I was ecstatic when I noticed the new bright red price sticker that read $3.00. This was a package that would normally cost me $10.99 on a good day. Needless to say, I scooped it up before anyone else claimed my deal of the week.

Later that day, as I was delighting in my good fortune (anyone with a child in diapers knows why I am lingering in this) I thought, "Hey, does this happen each time they have a damaged package?" With 5 boys at home I'm at the grocery store much too frequently and have not noticed this before?"

The next day I put my thought to action. I went to speak with the store manager and shared a bit of my son's special history with him. He had a big smile on his face and called his manager in charge of daily inspection of damaged products. He introduced us and instructed her to "take good care of me". I call the manager twice a week now, on days she has specified and when she has opened packages of diapers that are the size we need she puts them aside at Customer Service for me to pick up. Depending on the size of the package, I am paying between 2.99-3.99 per package. I have just asked the manager if he would consider donating their store brand diapers in any size to the Orphan Baby Hospital in Donetsk, Ukraine as unlike the name brand diapers, they would normally dispose of any torn packages.

I encourage anyone who has this ongoing expense to visit your area grocery store that you frequent and excercise your consumer savvy.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Invitation

Dear friends,

Welcome to our Blog. If you are reading this for the first time it is because we believe you were specifically chosen to do so by Divine appointment no matter what your race or creed. You will soon understand that the author of this Blog is grounded firmly in her Judeo-Christian roots and the contents of this site will express those values. She makes no apologies for her passion and desire to help care for the forgotten little ones and her position on the value of life. If you are about to join us and our cause as a fervent prayer warrior, to gift your financial support, as a parent or prospective parent of an exceptional child, or just because you are a concerned human being and value life according to how our Creator defines it and not by the negative influences of the human condition, we are grateful for your participation.

Please bear with us as this site grows; there is much to be added. We appreciate you passing on the existence of this Blog to your friends and family and to ask them to do the same.

Please see the details on our first fundraiser in the right column. Click on the "Tupperware for Tots" link.

All for His Glory,